7.8HZ low frequency resonance wate

Low Frequency Molecular Resonance Active Water Instrument/Spin Quantum Resonator/Schumann Wave


Low frequency resonance effect Features:

1. Low frequency: The molecular signal consists of low frequency waves that induce cellular function and interact. Live cells will only resonate with low-frequency electromagnetic waves, after millions of years of evolution, they are exposed to natural magnetic field are normal metabolism, which features low frequency oscillation frequency range between 0.5-15 Hz. The living cells generate resonance in the range of 0.3-13 Hz, while the range of human-brain functional waves (Δ,θ, α) is between 0.3-30 Hz.

2. Energy:  It can maintain more than two years of water with energy, he uses its low frequency characteristics, change the structure of water molecules, become similar structure of water cells,the transmission mechanism of biological information is easier to control the metabolism of organisms activities,  maintain a healthy environment of the body to achieve health and self-healing purposes.

3. The process of low frequency resonance effect can set out  four unique frequencies which are beneficial to human biological. In addition to removing harmful chemicals and harmful magnetic contents in the water, turn these four unique frequencies into the water to rewrite the previously harmful magnetic messages of water molecules.

4. The resonance process does not touch the liquid, the only one no need to increase the external material can increase the energy and neutralize the body's pH value.

5.  Without adding any chemicals, elements or additives , adopt the physical way to change the water structure, become similar to the structure of water cells.

6. High stability:  even after boiling, X-ray, pressure and exposure to high radiation devices are still stable.

7. this technology can low-frequency resonance of all liquids, such as fruit juice, milk, wine, coffee, tea, can also be used to water, fish, moisturize the skin, clean the wound.