Hydrogen water bottle Portable H2 generator alkaline water ionizer

Hydrogen water bottle Portable H2 generator alkaline water ionizer

Hydrogen water bottle Portable H2 generator alkaline water ionizer hydrogen and oxygen generator  


Body material:high quality of Borosilicate glass (PBA Free, stable performance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance! More safe and health than the common ABS, PP, stainless steel of water bottle )

Bottle Capacity :600ml (Optimal hydrogen production -:450-500ml)

Operating: Wireless transmission, touch switch, 2.4G wireless module

Hydrogen concentration:1200-2000ppb (depending on the water quality and the times of making hydrogen)

Electrolysis time: 5 Mins

Battery:lithium battery

Battery capacity : lithium battery cup cover: 500mAh , base: 1200mAh

Charging time : 1 hour for the cover, 3 cover for the generator




Operating temperature:0-55℃

Ion-exchange membrane:J imported

Electrolytic Mesh Materials: Titanium platinum (Japanese craftsmanship)

Plating Thickness: Titanium platinum 3um

Size : 70*230mm


1. Glass covered Wireless transmission, touch switch, 2.4G wireless module

2. Hydrogen and oxygen separation,Built-in acid water cavity,The discharge of acid water at about half a month (Smelly, chlorine, the harmful substances separated by SPE membrane electrolysis)

3.Super large battery capacity neatly and attractively,cup's rim has no thread, link is tight and not leaking

5.Super high hydrogen content (Achieve 11 drops of hydrogen solubility test)

A small test for hydrogen and oxygen separation:

Sharing a small test about hydrogen and oxygen separation:

You can confirm whether you bought a poison hydrogen bottle by a small test. Adding some edible salts to the bottle during the electrolysis process. After hydrogen production is finished, then smell the odor of the water. (Salt Nacl and water electrolysis will produce a lot of residual chlorine and ozone. Through this test, you can judge whether the hydrogen generator can effectively discharge the residual chlorine and ozone)

The chemical reaction formula is as follows:

2NaCl+2H2O= 2NaOH+H2↑+Cl2↑

Although there is hydrogen, the irritating gas that produces pungent is chlorine.

The chlorine reacts with sodium hydroxide as follows:


Benefits for drinking hydrogen rich water:

Hydrogen-rich water is called water of life, Postpone aging, detoxify and nourishing the face

1.Improve cellular health and enhance better nutrient absorption in the body used for washing face, easy absorbed to maintain the skin.

2.Improvement of blood glucose & HbA1c levels in diabetes mellitus

3.Better hydration for your body- increase blood circulation,Hydrogen-rich water is beneficial to reduce blood viscosity, improve microcirculation, and increase the elasticity of blood vessels.

4.Help to lower saturated fat levels

5.Reduce aging to give healthy looking skin

6.Improve memory in aged individuals - reduce constipation problems

7.Aids in lowering cholesterol levels.

8.Detoxifies your body- improves the quality of life of cancer patients on chemotherapy and radiotherapy

9.Scavenging excess free radicals in human cells

10.Improve sleep